Links to the fascinating history surrounding WPV

The history of Wadsley Park Village formerly known as Middlewood Asylum / Hospital. You can read this board as a guest but need to register to post.
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Re: Links to the fascinating history surrounding WPV

Post by ratbag » 24 Oct 2012, 11:31

Thank you for the links.

The history of Middlewood Hospital website is an amazing site, the amount of time and effort put into creating that shines through. The contributions from the workers at the hospital are very interesting. The photos themselves tell their own stories. Luis did an awesome job and keeps doing so with regular updates.

The article on on the church is interesting, bet he never imagined in 2012 it would still be stood completely neglected. Its such a shame. It has so much potential!! I hope 2013 brings new life inside.

I love the history of our village, I love when walking round looking at the juxtaposition of very old and new buildings. I think the renovation work on the old hospital buildings has been very Sympathetically done with the older features.

I hope they remove the metal fencing surrounding the fossils and make a feature with them or at least make a nicer support structure. I would like to look at them more closely.

As we can see from the links Dawn has kindly provided Wadsley Park Village is steeped in history and I for one love living in such a place :) thanks Dawn and for everyone who has kindly put all their time into creating the websites and forums for us, our village and its history.

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Re: Links to the fascinating history surrounding WPV

Post by Jessity » 05 Nov 2012, 15:17

Thanks Dawn, a lot of work and thought has gone into that post. I knew about some of the sites - Sheffield Forum, Sheffield History, but some of this is new and I've enjoyed looking through. This sort of post deserves a wider audience, I do hope we can get more people joining and reading WPV online.

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Re: Links to the fascinating history surrounding WPV

Post by Dawn » 06 Nov 2012, 22:31

It is such an interesting site isn't it! Good to know we live on more than just a 'field' despite all the sad stories, hopefully some people's lives were helped too!

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