New Planning application for the Church ?

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New Planning application for the Church ?

Post by steeler » 09 Oct 2016, 11:33

Just noticed that under planning application 13/02818/FUL & 1302819FUL that another document has been added , with drawings attached suggesting a new large building (new to the previous planning request) sufficiently large enough to contain 23, 1 and 2 bed apartments as well as "houses and apartments " ? in the church.
Worryingly this plan was submitted to the council almost 3 months ago but only appeared on line 7/10/2016. Additionally if this should be a new proposal it bears no resemblance to the previous title of the planning application namely

to form 10 no.dwellinghouses , 4 no. apartments and 2 no. studios, also erection of 5 no. bungalows in a terrace within the curtilage and 1 no. detached dwellinghouse | Middlewood Church Middlewood Road Sheffield S6 1TN

and I would have thought it should have been allocated a new planning application entirely, so all can see.

The plan as did the earlier ones seem to delete the lit footpath between Church Fold and Eastwood to aid access to the children's area and also cuts off the lit footpath from the top of the estate to Eastwood.

Perhaps those interested will do like me and contact the Council's planner,
Trevor Sullivan at the planning department 01142736141

to ask him if this rather low key alteration to the old planning request is indeed a new proposal, and if so much, can much fuller details of the proposals been made available, to answer all the new questions as well as many of the old questions we raised before.

Incidentally the conservation officer for this project is Ruth Connolly 01142734223

Should this be a proposal, it contains a much larger footprint of buildings , more new residents, more removal of trees, somewhere in region of 3/4 of the trees in the church grounds, only to provide more apartments of which we have an abundance on the estate already.

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Re: New Planning application for the Church ?

Post by Pippa » 21 Oct 2016, 04:14

I have just objected to this on the online application and will always email not happy about this

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Re: New Planning application for the Church ?

Post by Daveowl » 02 Dec 2016, 16:57

It appears that the new Planning officer, a Marcus Young, is on the case and states that in order for the developer to move forward he will have to submit a new application as it differs so much from the previous one.

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Re: New Planning application for the Church ?

Post by Ro22 » 15 Aug 2017, 16:52


I am fairly new to the estate so forgive me for my lack of knowledge but I wondered what the status of the church is? Who currently owns it and whether they have progressed any further with their planning applications? Has it passed through many hands since it closed or has it been with the same person all this time? I only ask out of curiosity really- it is in such a sorry state and seems such a shame that a beautiful building has been left to rack and ruin. If only I could win the lottery...


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